WULOP World Championship: From Belgium to the World Champion

    September 21 & 22, 2024, WESTERLO, BELGIUM

    Welcome to the WULOP World Championship, a unique opportunity for PMU artists to showcase their skills, represent their country and participate in a global competition of unprecedented scale. This prestigious event is all about excellence, passion and the celebration of the art of permanent makeup. And this year we have a special surprise for the winner from Belgium!

    The adventure

    If you achieve the glorious victory in Belgium, an unforgettable adventure awaits you in Turkey. As a reward for your achievements, you will be invited to participate in the WULOP World Championship in Turkey, where you will have the opportunity to represent your country on the PMU world stage.

    Free Stay, Fight for the World Title & Conference

    But that's not all! As the winner from Belgium, you will receive a free one-week stay in Turkey, where you can enjoy luxurious all-inclusive accommodation and all the amenities the hotel has to offer. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in the world title conference, where you can listen to inspiring speakers, discover the latest trends and network with leading figures from the world of PMU.

    The Path to the World Title

    But before you can go to Turkey, you first have to win the semi-finals in Belgium. In this exciting competition, you will compete against other talented PMU artists to earn your place as a representative of your country. Only the best of the best will advance to the Global Finals and have the opportunity to compete in the WULOP World Championship.

    Participate and Show Your Skills!

    Are you ready to take up the challenge and represent your country in the WULOP World Championship? Register today for the semi-finals in Belgium and show what you've got. Who knows, you might be the next to go to Turkey for an unforgettable adventure and the chance to win the world title of PMU Champion!

    The WULOP World Championship awaits you. Join us and let your skills shine on the permanent makeup world stage!