1. The inspection of the rules, as specified in this text drawn up by the WULOP Head Office, will be carried out by the country representative OMBRE BEAUTY / WULOP BELGIUM in the semi-final. The rules to be followed in the competition remain valid in both the semi-final and the final. All participants must fully comply with the championship rules. Otherwise, sanctions determined by the country representative may be applied in the semi-finals or the participant may be disqualified. In the finals, if the participant does not comply with the rules, the authority for sanctions and disqualification lies with the head office.

2. If the participant or model is late, does not participate or cancels on the day of the application, the participant will be automatically disqualified. No refunds will be given in the event of disqualification.

3. Competitors must be ready, together with the live model, in the area where the semi-final will be held at least one hour before the application time. The participants must find a model themselves to apply the application. The full responsibility of the model lies with the participant running the application.

4. During the application, the jury observes whether the rules are being followed and reports rule violations.

5. All models must absolutely be photographed before and after procedures.

6. Models must be without makeup before and during application (only a modeling pencil may be used).

7. The total time given for modeling, anesthesia and the procedure is two and a half hours. An extra 15 minutes will be given to prepare and clean the workstations. The judges check conditions such as the participants' working environment, the model's readiness and give approval to start the application.

8. Competitors and models are not allowed to leave the area from the start of the application period until the end of the competition. The jury has the right to punish or disqualify those who break the rules. They are only allowed to leave the room with a supervisor to go to the toilet.

9. Models must not have any makeup or previous permanent makeup on their faces.

10. Models must complete a consent form, agree to the rules and take responsibility for the procedure to be applied.

11. Models must give written consent for photographs and videos to be taken during the procedure.

12. Anyone over the age of 18 can be a model.

13. Models must wear a white t-shirt and black pants.

14. Participants must wear disposable overalls or white overalls.

15. Models must wear shoe covers when on the stretcher for the application.

16. Contestants must put their hair in a ponytail or bun.

17. All removable parts (needle, cartridge) must be in sterile packages.

18. Before putting on gloves, competitors must provide hats and masks for both themselves and their models.

19. All accessories such as bracelets, watches, rings, etc. must be removed.

20. Hands must be washed before applying hand sanitiser (provided in the competition) and gloves must be worn afterwards.

21. The models' skin should be cleaned with an alcohol-based disinfectant before application.

22. The pencil used for modeling should be sharpened with a sterile sharpener and the skin should be disinfected.

23. All products used during the procedure should be wrapped in cling film (plastic wrap). The device cable must be covered with a protector.

24. Participants must change gloves when touching anything. If tools such as chairs and stretchers are touched during application, gloves should be removed before moving the chair or stretcher and new gloves should be put on and disinfected afterwards. Gloves must be changed if something is grabbed while wearing gloves.

25. Phones should be disinfected, wrapped in cling film and only used to take photos. Telephoning while working is prohibited.

26. The participant must comply with all mandatory hygiene rules for this application.

27. Workspace Organization:
- The work area must be cleaned after application.
- All used disposable materials must be thrown away.
- All hygiene rules must be fully observed.

28. The participants must pay attention to the safety of the procedure they use, as they are responsible for the health of the model and the results of their work. All responsibility lies with the person running the application.

29. The participant accepts that the scoring by the judges listed below is fair and objective.

See Juries Wulop Belgium

30. The participants accept that they have read and understood the rules in this text and will fully comply with all articles.

31. Entrants may not post a photo of the live model on social media before the competition and on competition day or share the photo with anyone. Anyone who shares the photo of the live model will be disqualified from the competition.

32. Models may not leave the area until scoring is completed. If a model leaves without permission, they will be disqualified from the competition. Models are the responsibility of the participants.

This text consists of 32 articles.


1. The organizer provides each participant with a work space. In each workspace, the following items are provided by the organizer:
- Massage table
- Expert chair (Participant may bring his own chair / Please let us know in advance if you wish to do so)
- Cling film
- Lamp (Participant may bring his own lamp / Please let us know in advance if you wish to do so)
- Wall outlet
- Mirror (Participant may bring his own mirror / Please let us know in advance if you wish to do so)
- Waste paper basket

2. All other materials and equipment must be brought by the participant.
Things that must be present during the application;
- PMU Device / Tool
- Disposable materials such as needles and cartridges
- Pigment
- Disinfectant
- Modeling pencil, brush, sharpener, etc
- Anesthetic ointment (according to Belgian legislation)
- Surgical jacket or beauty expert workwear set (This is often forgotten. You can also purchase these on the day itself for €5.00 each)
- Shoe covers or an extra pair of shoes
- Tweezers etc. (other materials needed for the application)

prepared by WULOP WORLD